art on impact

a collection of artworks related to the well-worn topic of the relationship between the self-named intelligent species and it's home world, the earth.


as long as one side will keep heating up the conflict, the other will not cool down.


Evil gives birth to more evil.


action = reaction.


From the Deep

..they are watching, as the time runs out

inspired by Frank Schätzing: "The Swarm"

Captain, look at this!

Huge anomalies in the sea, as well as in space.


While trying to reach further to the stars, we also should sometimes look back down to earth, where we all came from

ghost ship

especially at the sea, pollution has become vast.
The causers are well-known and yet don't care about.
but when you ask who it was, it always has been nobody.

Bleeding out

how a glacier could feel melting, day by day, year by year

below sky level

deserts are spreading out on earth, and even faster - on the sea floor

Time is running out

you can't reverse this clock

Era of weak substance

Durability, reliability and sustainability promises do not count.

last rain

above the last forest

E shitload of emissions



this is how it may look like when the Sea of Trees dries out


Moai of modern civilization

hot tower

a hot tower is a strong updraft inside a hurricane system, caused by near-ground warm air. Now it's becoming literally hot.


"Painting is not made to decorate apartments. It's an offensive and defensive weapon against the enemy"
- Pablo Picasso

Liftoff towards Earth

While scanning the deep space and leaving earth in search for other habitable worlds, we don't think about what we already have discovered: an inhabited, and even most life-friendly planet we ever got to know.


addicted to (self-)harm

nature destroys itself by means of us


one day, nature will devour all  the outcomes of human greed and irreverence

in memory of the last fish

Every recent catch was better then the next one


We are all on a drip feed of oil.
Fuel brings me to work, to my friends. even into the nature.
I need this black cranky stuff to be free. we all need it somehow.
It costs some money, but we pay just a little part of its costs.
The rest pays the sea. the air. the soil.
seems to be a really good deal for us.

last selfie

and what would you do on that day?

City of Fire

our civilization is performing a dance on the volcano, and the heat increases rapidly

Too late

It's not the main purpose of art to be beautiful. Aesthetic is only a by-product of the messages that art should deliver.