at an altitude of  80.000 meters, where the athmosphere touches space, noctilucent clouds can appear. When you live above the latitude of about 50° north or south, look in a summer night towards the pole, maybe you see them.


Noctilucent single edition print in the size of your choice

unique print (limited to 1 pcs.)

Yes, in the whole world there will be only one original high-quality print of this artwork. The decision is up to you if it will be yours.

You can choose any size without extra costs. The size limits are 100x140cm for wrapped canvas or aluminum-dibond or gallery bond print. Other materials are also possible, please contact me if you have any questions or extra wishes!

I will sign the work personally before sending.

900,00 €

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  • shipping: 6-10 d. (germany), 10-15 d. (europe) 15+ d. (rest of the world)1