2014 and earlier works




inspired by myths about an ancient civilization which once ruled the northern parts of the world, primary Siberia


the troposphere is the border of possible life for us. For the water creatures, this layer is located far closer to the surface

city of thunder

better keep some distance from this place


lonely sailboat dreaming

cumulus arboreus

once, there has been a civilization which lived peacefully in harmony with their world full of beautiful phenomenons and sacred powers.
These people have been full of humility and fascination.
The development of a technology to use the immense power the world seemed to have an endless amount of, has let them forget fear and respect.
They wanted to tame it, and they failed. Because you can't tame and use god, whatever this word is standing for...

on shore of the sky

..a new world begins

beer o'clock


next tide

an artistic theory, how ebb and flow occur