Alexander Rommel    |    aerroscape


born in Tyumen, Russia

1996 - 2001

visiting an additional evening art school


moved from Russia to Germany, continuing school education

2008 - 2013

study of landscape design and environmental planning, University of Applied Sciences, Neubrandenburg

from 2012

first digital paintings on tablet


graduation as Master of Science.

after graduation – working in the field of urban planning till 2022

from 2013

start to share the works. digital painting gains importance.

from 2015

doing private art commissions

from  begin of 2020

commissions for Urban planning and visualization

from end of 2020

commissions in the field of scientific illustration


since 2017: permanent exhibition in a very special place called "Domjüch", the state's former mental hospital

2014 collective exhibition in the Kunsthalle Rostock
2015 IllustraFuturs art exhibition, Cosmo Caixa, Barcelona
  „long night of arts“ in Neustrelitz
2016 collective exhibition in the Kunstsammlung (art collection) Neubrandenburg
  Hafengalerie Neustrelitz
2017 participated in the state art days „Kunst:offen“ in Domjüch
till 2023 participation in several collective art exhibitions in Berlin and one in London


  • "Daily Deviation" awards on worlds largest art platform, 12 times in total since 2013
  • awarded participation in the contest "city of the future - 2100", exhibited in the  museum of natural science, Cosmo Caixa, Barcelona
  • awarded participation in the contest by Deviantart "Artistic Journey"
  • succesful participation in an art contest of the  youtuber MrSuicidalsheep - 08/2019
  • Kurd-Laßwitz-Award for best Graphic for Sci-Fi: 6th form 66 participants, April 2023

Collaboration in projects

Projechts from my Portfolio which are worth a mention: