I am open for commissions. My portfolio comprises following services:

  • Illustrations for CD's, books, vinyls etc.
  • paintings for storyboards
  • digital artwork commissions
  • licensing of existing artworks
  • analogue wall graphics (brush and / or airbrushing)

recent commissions - 2018


private art commission

Cypress Tree

private art commission
Cypres Tree

Dark Day

private art commission
Dark Day

cover artworks for different purposes

private commission: real view out of a fake "blind" window

illustrations for an upcoming video project "clouds of avia"

other storyboard works

analogue art

airbrushing the motive "far in the north" on a wall, approx. 140x200cm


original digital art motive:

painting a graphic of a historic street view in the hallway of a building in this very street