I am open for commissions. My portfolio comprises following services:

  • Illustrations for CD's, books, vinyls etc.
  • paintings for storyboards
  • digital artwork commissions
  • licensing of existing artworks
  • analogue wall graphics (brush and / or airbrushing)

OIL mural: view on a field with syringa

painting on a wall behind a window frame, Neustrelitz

Acrylic mural: wooden door

painting on a wall in Neustrelitz, Penzliner Straße

Just Like You

Sketches and a final film poster for the young producer Troy Dawes from Canada and his short film "Just Like You"
link to his channel:


a back & front cover art commission for Lino Zeddies, an activist for a better world and author from Berlin. In his book UTOPIA 2048 he creates a what-if scenario, where you wake up in the year 2048, realizing how favourably the world has developped after major changes in the financial system have been made.


Cover for a Board Game. Publisher: Lifestyle Boardgames, Moscow

Heavenly Skies

Crepuscle - Band form Redwood City, California

Weapons of mass creation

WMC Studio


Paul M. Smith Photography

String Theory

Book cover for Daniel Kolade

commission for the Author Daniel Kolade
String Theory


swedish thrash-metal band Immaculate

commission for the swedish Thrash Metal band IMMACULATE


private commission

private art commission

cypress tree

private commission

private art commission
Cypres Tree

Dark Day

CD cover art

private art commission
Dark Day

cover artworks for different purposes

private commission: real view out of a fake "blind" window

illustrations for an upcoming video project "clouds of avia"

analogue art

airbrushing the motive "far in the north" on a wall, approx. 140x200cm


original digital art motive:

painting a graphic of a historic street view in the hallway of a building in this very street