commission info

The "How-To" for your personal digital artwork


I can draw for you anything from my repertoire you can see here on my page!
my main topics to draw are:

If you want to have detailed characters, animals or creatures in the artwork, I can collaborate with a character artist


The price consists of the following two parameters:
    - detail level of the artwork
    - license fees based on usage purpose

prices based on the detail level:

minimalistic artwork:


medium detail level artwork:


high detail level artwork:


extra high detail level artwork:




solarpunk cities:

€45 / hour

For these pieces there are too individual workflows, so here I offer you a hourly rate-based working.

usage purpose and licensing

For a private, non-profit or common good usage puropse, or other non-commercial or hobby targets with no significant profit expectations, you will not have further costs!
When you want to use the created artwork commercially, we would make a license agreement, where we regulate the scope of the transferred usage rights.
The license fee will be a certain percentage of the artwork's creation costs and will be negotiated individually. It will depend mostly on the amount of the rights to transfer, in combination with the circulation of the product to be sold. So briefly said: When you are going to rise profits with the help of my art, I would like to have a little participation in them as well.

there is always Room for maneuver in pricing

If you can name reasons i.e. non-profit or common good projects, this would be much welcome for a positive decision about a discount, because I also want to live in a better world :)



In case my schedule is in a "normal" state, I offer the following self-imposed deadlines:

- minimalistic artwork:                    1 week
- medium detail level artwork:      1 to 2 weeks
- high detail level artwork:            2 to 3 weeks
- extra high detail level artwork: 3 to 4 weeks

For sure, I can also paint faster. However, art is like a little plant that needs time to become strong, so longer creation times will affect the results positively!

work process

During my practice years, I have established the following workflow which works quite well for me and for you:

After you have told me your idea, the key parameters (format, resolution in pixels) and features the painting should have, as well as discussed the pricing and optional license topics, I make a quick sketch for you. This first sketch is free, so you are not risking anything yet! Don't wonder, it will be rather rough and is made to mostly show the shapes,  sizes and position of the objects.
I send you the sketch and you can optionally say if you would like to change anything in the composition.
Once you are satisfied with the sketch and wish me to continue painting, I would request a pre-payment of 50% of the artwork's creation fee. This amount I consider as the most fair between the artist and the client. However, there we have a window for negotiations.
After receiving the pre-payment I will start painting the artwork. As it will be around half-way done, I will send you the WIP. You can once again decide if you would like to change some things (which are not concerning the overall composition and the main objects themselves, as we discussed these topics in the sketch phase).
I then will do the optional changes and work through the illustration to a ready-to-go state. Here, you once again can look if there are some (minor) changes you would like to be done, i.e lighting, color adaptations or small single details to add or remove.
All the steps and adaptation possibilities described above are included.
When you finally confirm the artwork as completed, I would request the final payment. The wor progress states I sent you before, are watermarked. After the final payment arrives, you will receive the image without watermark and in high resolution.


additional changes will mean additional costs, which we can either regulate as a flat fee, or as a hourly rate to be paid at the finish line.

legal conditions

private commission

As soon as you have commissioned me and have done the pre-payment, you will also have read and agreed upon all content written on the "commission info" page. We can also agree on different rules by e-communication.

We can, but do not have to sign a contract for the commission. The content of our e-mail traffic, as well as of this page, is legally binding in case of doubt.

commercial commission

For commercial commissions, we can agree on the same conditions as for the private commission described above. Yet here, a contract would also make sense.


In case of a private commission, with the image you receive the sole and exclusive license, which is yet limited to solely private use. You can print the image, show it to public, share it on social media and on the internet. You may modify the image. You may use the image in your projects as long as it is purely hobby and is non-profit, or the profits are insignificant.


To make up the conditions for the commercial usage of the commissioned, or for an already existing artwork, we will sign a license agreement. There, we will agree on i.a.

- the amount of the transferred rights (what you will be allowed to do with the artwork)

- the estimated circulation of your product

- the duration of the rights transfer

- the license fee / royalty


work contract

If you are a company, an agency or an organization, I also would sign a work contract with you.

content date: 02.08.2023